Final Preparations Nick Marinov | October 21/2022 10:11 UTC

Bookings were locked at 2030z. We are going through all routes to make sure you will get the correct one and also get assigned a SELCAL. Once this is complete, we will post another message here. This will take several hours. Until then, information on the website may be incomplete or missing.

Expression of interest open! Nick Marinov | September 22/2022 6:10 UTC

Pilots can now express interest for our lottery. What the lottery is and how it works, you can read here:

Airports Announced Nick Marinov | September 16/2022 7:35 UTC

The Airports for CTP 22 Eastbound have been announced. For the full list, visit the VATSIM Forums here:

Voting Closed Nick Marinov | September 13/2022 8:00 UTC

Airport voting has come to a close. Airports will be announced soon.

Airport Voting Open Kieran Hardern | September 06/2022 8:00 UTC

I am pleased to announce that the airport voting for Cross the Pond Eastbound 2022 has now opened. VATSIM members can now vote for their top airports until 13th September 2000 UTC.

Members can vote for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite choice on either side of the ocean, earning that airport 5, 3 and 2 points respectively. The Planning Team of the event will then meet with the user’s vote to include your favourite airports and occasionally a choice of their own.

A full list of the airports available on each side of the ocean are listed at the end of my post. I would like to welcome some new geographical areas to our voting, to include airports in South America (Brazil and Venezuela) and Africa (Morocco and South Africa) for the first time.

On behalf of the Planning Team, good luck to all the airports!

Eastbound Date Announced Kieran Hardern | August 23/2022 10:51 UTC

Cross the Pond Eastbound is announced as 22nd October.

Applications for airports are now open to staff around the world and will close on 2nd September.

You can join the discussion in our discord, or on the forum.