Cross the Pond

Welcome to Cross the Pond - 14th April 2018

Feedback Now Open!

The first flights are beginning to touchdown in North Amerca - we hope you've had an incredable ride across the pond today with our controllers and the high traffic levels. We have an opportunity for you to leave feedback about the event by logging in and clicking the ATC/Pilot feedback link!
Posted by Chris Pawley (14th April 2018)

Westbound '18 Routes completed

Our route assignment process is now complete. You can expect an email shortly detailing your assigned route, departure time and FL. From all the CTP Team - Have a great crossing!
Posted by Chris Pawley (14th April 2018)

Bookings to lock IMMINENTLY

The routes meeting is ongoing so bookings will imminently LOCK. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Posted by Gunnar Lindahl (14th April 2018)

Cross the Pond Westbound 2018