Saturday, April 20th 2024

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Cross the Pond event is a twice-yearly event featuring divisions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean providing a complete ATC service from your departure to your destination




Hours of ATC Coverage


Frequently Asked Questions

If you're only flying out of a departure airport and not flying to an event airport, then no, you do no need to book. However, please be aware that you may experience delays if you fly from an event airfield.

We ask you not to fly to the event airports while the event is ongoing. If you do attempt to fly, you are likely to receive a significant delay on the ground prior to departure.

All times on the Cross The Pond website are in UTC (zulu).

In previous events, flying without a slot has become the norm for many pilots and non-event Oceanic positions have been staffed where resources are available to provide a service to as many pilots as possible. However, with the event continuing to grow in size and resources in Oceanic airspace continuing to be stretched, it is obvious that continuing to encourage this will make the event less enjoyable for all participants.
Therefore, we have decided that we need to focus our Oceanic resources to provide the best service possible, so for this event we are asking you to refrain from flying transatlantic if you do not obtain a slot for the event. We cannot enforce this – because as usual, all VATSIM pilots are welcome to fly where they wish, when they wish. Even so, it is important that our community understands that we will not be able to cater for pilots without a slot in the oceanic airspace, and as such, ATC coverage can not be provided for non-event participants, and pilots flying without an event slot may face extensive delays on the ground and in the air. By choosing to fly in a different part of the world on this date, you will help to balance the workload on our controllers and reduce overall congestion - making this event more enjoyable for all parties.

A slot departure time is the time (in UTC) by which we expect you to be in the air.

You are able to change your callsign yourself by clicking on the appropriate links in the Pilot Area.

The routes will be available on the pilot dashboard approximately 12 hours before the event. Please be patient when waiting for your route - there are many pilots and routes to deal with.

Oceanic clearances will be conducted on the natTrak Website. Position Reports are not conducted unless your aircraft does not have ADS-C capabilities. For the purposes of VATSIM, this is 99% aicraft used on the network, with the exception of Concorde and some other historical aircraft.

We are unable to reserve callsigns. If the callsign is in use during the event, you would need to connect with a new one. All systems link by CID.

During Cross the Pond, VATSIM users conduct more flights over the North Atlantic Tracks than seen in the Real World during normal operations. Sometimes, there may be delays with Domestic portions of flights, or receiving your Oceanic Clearances. We thank all members for their patience during the event.

Event slots are not designed for supersonic flight, therefore any concorde flight is considered non-event traffic and subject to delays.