Cross the Pond 2018


Latest News & NOTAMs

Cross The Pond details announced

We're delighted to announce that the airfields have been selected, and we're nearly ready to open bookings!

Bookings will open on Saturday 20th October at 1700z.

For more details on which airfields have been selected, please see the VATSIM homepage at or visit the Fly-In Notices forum.

Airfield Voting Now Available

Voting to select airports for Cross the Pond Eastbound 2018 is now available!

You may now login to the website via VATSIM SSO and cast your vote for arrival and departure airfields for Cross the Pond in October! The new system allows you to vote again, a second (or third...) time - but will simply update your selection, rather than allowing you to vote many times for the same airfields. Therefore, click "vote" a second time, only if you wish to change your vote.

We have a fantastic array of airports nominated for this event - including several "off the beaten track" so as to provide a diverse offering during the next version of Cross the Pond. We look forward to seeing which airfields are popular with our pilots before making a final decision as to who to include in the event.

Voting will close on Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 2359z - so please ensure that you vote prior to this moment!

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